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About the festival

Mystery Creek Polo

Originally part of a dairy farm, Mystery Creek Polo Club is home to New Zealand Polo legends John-Paul & Nina Clarkin. With their beautiful homestead as the backdrop, Mystery Creek Festival of Polo is a week-long tournament, hosting two international teams with players from all over the world and over 600 horses. The tournament culminates in two public events.

International Day Friday (February 2nd) features the New Zealand vs. Australia Trans-Tasman Clash, with both men's and women's teams battling it out. Finals Day Sunday (February 4th) brings together the eight top teams, where they will compete for 0,3,6 and 16 finals, and ultimately, the Mystery Creek Festival of Polo 2024 Champion Team for each grade.

While the glamour and prestige remains, Mystery Creek Festival of Polo is opening up the thrill of the sport to the public with more inclusive and accessibly priced tickets for the community to learn and enjoy the fast-paced action of polo. The whole family is invited, along with colleagues, clients and friends.

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The game

Polo is one of the oldest team sports in history becoming a symbol of prestige and an integral part of royal entertainment.  Today, polo is played and cherished by enthusiasts worldwide. From thrilling competitions to breathtaking horsemanship, this sport continues to captivate audiences with its elegance and intensity.  

The game is divided into periods called "chukkas" or "chukkers," usually lasting around seven minutes. The players must manoeuvre their horses, galloping at full speed, while skilfully hitting the ball towards victory! The objective? Score goals by hitting a small ball through the opposing team's goalposts.

Quick fact 1

A polo game is played on a field stretching over 300 yards long, making it one of the largest sports fields in the world!

Quick fact 2

There are 4 players per team and players can only play right-handed making it even more challenging!

Quick fact 3

Players may ‘bump’ the opposition, a physical manoeuvre and hook an opponent’s stick when they are attempting to hit the ball.

Quick fact 4

Its tradition for punters to stomp the divots during halftime to help restore the field. Get ready to stretch those legs!

Now that you're familiar with the basics, are you ready to witness the fast-paced action and adrenaline-pumping excitement of a Polo match?